The Birth Kit sets the roots PETIT BATEAU and TREEDOM together for the nature

Petit Bateau, historic French maison of clothing and underwear for children and Treedom, the only web platform in the world for the remote planting of trees, come together to promote the culture of greenery with a concrete initiative of environmental and social sustainability, which will be presented on the occasion of the ninetieth edition of Pitti Bimbo in Florence.

The sharing of common values, attention to the environment through small gestures accessible to all, have made this collaboration completely natural. An initiative of great stature that will have resonance throughout the national territory and beyond and that will encourage the approach to green issues, enhancing corporate awareness and defining a clear stance towards the future.

Petit Bateau, starting from January 2020, will offer in its boutiques and direct stores only in Italy, an exclusive organic cotton birth kit with the purchase of which will include the planting of an arboreal species as part of Treedom’s agroforestry projects. With the gift it will be possible to associate the name of a child with a tree, a strong message that will make it grow with a special sensitivity towards nature. In fact, we believe there is a particular synergy between the planting of a tree and one of the most important phases of life, the first: the birth of a child. It is a fact that there is a link between the newborn and a small tree, both need care and it is a pleasure to see them grow producing their fruits that represent our future.

The project thus wants to celebrate the brand’s choice to make 100% of the organic cotton Newborn collection starting from the same year. Behind this decision there is a long-term commitment and a real challenge: to reconcile the attention for the environment with the high quality requirements of Petit Bateau. Organic cotton farming optimizes the use of water and preserves the quality of the soil, biodiversity and health of local farmers in an integrated well-being vision.

After all, Petit Bateau has always cared about the environment and nature in the responsibility of creating smartly designed clothes, made to last and pass on and in the commitment to protect the health of children. This is reflected in the rigorous choice of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Label since 2006.

Planting a tree in our historical moment, therefore, does not only represent a gesture in itself, but linking it to birth can be a strong message of awareness as well as a symbol of how the company is taking steps to safeguard the planet. On these common bases, entrusting to Treedom finds the perfect realization, celebrating the love for our planet and raising awareness of the new generations.