Pr Strategies

Pr Strategies are conceived to maximise publicity potential from the initial stage of creative ideas and planning through to execution and event management. Years of experience have resulted in strong international media and industry contacts allowing clients access to the best creative teams in the industry. Our Pr strategies are designed to meet the needs of the client, and a range of Pr services is available. Some strategies will span a number of years to build a client’s presence slowly and strategically while others are formed for shorter term results within an agreed timetable.


This is created by a combination of all elements of Pr; our aim is to give reason to talk about the client and product range, word of mouth then creates a wave of interest throughout the industry, resulting in column inches.

Consumer awareness

To communicated the best possible image of the consumer we ensure that the careful positioning of a client’s name is obtained within all areas of media, including consumer magazines, newspaper, tv and radio.

Industry recognition

Positive recognition from the industry is a vital part of establishing the client name and product range. We would work to ensure that the client’s opinion is respected and sought after as a leading voice of the industry.

Special projects

We construct a specific strategy for a particular project, such as a launch, international show, or regional events. The charge for special project work is negotiated when the required Pr activity and strategy is identified.

Overall strategic advice

We devise a long-term strategy for the client’s business which involves a symbiotic relationship between us and the client where we are integrated into, and form a critical part of, the client’s future business plans. For these service we agree an annual fee basis with the client.


We are also pleased to offer consultancy advice on specific areas of the client’s business or on particular projects. These service are offered separately or combined and, in each case, the client benefits from specialist research and expertise delivered from an objective position. Press launches, photography, advertising campaigns, catwalk shows and parties, can all be organized and managed by the Pr team who are know for carefully handpicking both their contacts. A discriminating attitude has shaped the development of Avenue Communication Pr who realize that an informed, objective, honest approach to the clients is fundamental to successful Pr.