PETIT BATEAU and the Hyères Festival, year 6: carte blanche for Botter

PETIT BATEAU and the Hyères Festival, year 6: carte blanche for Botter

In 2013, Petit Bateau established an original partnership with the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, bPhotography and Fashion Accessories: the brand gave carte blanche to the winner of the Festival’s Première Vision Jury Grand Prize to create an adult ready-to-wear capsule collection.

For the Festival, the partnershipis a wonderful way to usher its young winners into the big leagues. For the winners, they have a mission to reinvent the brand’s iconic pieces, while respecting its traditional savoir-faire. A true challenge for designers accustomed to working with unlimited techniques and materials. For Petit Bateau, the perspective of these pioneers of the new generation is a breath of fresh air for its 120+ year heritage. For all, a win-win : after Satu Maaranen, Kenta Matsushige, Annelie Schubert, Wataru Tominaga and Vanessa Schindler, the designers of the Botter brand are now the 6th to play with the brand’s iconics, with an approach that’s fresher than ever.


It’s the first time since the beginning of this partnership that the winners are a duo ; Dutch couple Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter, founders of the BOTTER brand, charmed the jury with their menswear collection « Fish or Fight. » This impertinent, committed collection is both an homage to the elegance of Caribbean youth and a denunciation of industrial fishing that is damaging the deep sea and threatens the local fishing community.


The couple dove into the world of PetitBateau to inject their own creative codes, and discovered some perfect affinities: the world of the sea, an ideal opportunity to express their concerns about ocean pollution, and the joyful nature of the Petit Bateau brand. « Clothes must be fun ! » insist Lisi and Rushemy, for whom awareness of risks to the planet must be raised in a playful way.

Two strong prints express the colorful identity of the collection. First, the stripes. From scans of used plastic bags, recovered on beaches or in the street, they become irregular and imperfect lines, evoking in their own way the ocean and its waves. Their random nature also allows each garment to be cut without engineering the stripe placement, avoiding waste and making each garment unique. The other bold graphic element: flowers painted by hand, imaginary plants undulating like seaweed, a wild, joyous nature invading the clothing. As for styling, the couple opted for pure lines. Simple, oversized shapes designed to be worn by a man as well as a woman, a true choice for the couple who wishes to blur the boundaries between feminine and masculine wardrobes.

Playful details decorate the collection, such as the long ties fastening the collar of the dress or the top, to be tied in a bow or not according to one’s mood. The raincoat’s transparent extension gives the illusion of a layer and displays the contents of the pockets, and the « Petit Botter » seals the joyous, offbeat alliance of the two brands.

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