Sail Into Summer – LORO PIANA

 Loro Piana beats at one with the natural elements, no matter of the season. It promotes the joy of being en plein air, doing things, in total freedom. In fact, sailing is the Loro Piana summer activity of choice. Being on a boat, propelled by a gust of wind as the horizon widens is the perfect depiction of the Loro Piana summer. It is a family passion and an activity Loro Piana actually pursues at regattas around the world. 

Between the 20th and 24th of March, Loro Piana will take part in the Bucket Regatta in St. Barths with My Song, the boat led by Pier Luigi Loro Piana and his crew. To coincide with the regatta, Loro Piana will host a special event on the island, inviting selected guests to experience the Loro Piana summer as it naturally unfolds in its own element. Freedom and a sense of joviality are the values upon which the whole experience is built. 

It will be the occasion to enjoy the leisurely spirits of a unique vacation with en plein air activities that will offer an immersive experience in full harmony with the island and its surrounding nature. The joy of being there with a dolce far niente nonchalance conveys a soulful way to connect with the environment. Over the course of the weekend, days will be spent as one with nature, enjoying, feeling and experiencing what summer means for Loro Piana. Such subtleness and emotionality are essential qualities for Loro Piana: enjoying beauty, be it of a wonderful fabric or a breathtaking panorama, should be an act of quiet, personal indulgence. It is all about letting sensations speak, stimulating the senses with beauty all around. 

 The event will be an ideal backdrop to show how the feeling of summer pervades the product as well as the lifestyle Loro Piana heralds. The glaring sun and balmy winds of St. Barths call in fact for the suppleness and the airy texture of linen, and for white, the ultimate summer color. A selection of items meant for life on the deck or the patio, with ease and sophistication, will be unveiled. The edit is essential, like an easy to carry summer luggage: a shirt, poloshirt, bermuda and drawstring pants for men, and dresses, caftans, blouses and trousers for women. As an indispensable accessory, the seaside walk espadrilles, and the canvas tote with the requisite Suitcase stripe culled from the vintage luggage of the Loro Piana vendors. The heat of summer demands the easy, unfussy shapes Loro Piana conveys as pillars of its own summer lexicon. Shapes that are apt for sailing just as they are apt for life. The My Song crew wears a linen uniform, apropos. 

In prompting a natural bonding with nature, Loro Piana promotes values of freedom and harmony that are as contemporary as they are timeless. This philosophy is a way of doing things, but it is also a way of using things. 

Easy does it, for Loro Piana. As such, the summer becomes an all-year-round, free state of mind. In St. Barths as well as everywhere.