PETIT BATEAU X FISHEYE – An unprecedented photo shoot with irresistible results

PETIT BATEAU X FISHEYE – An unprecedented photo shoot with irresistible results

For its spring-summer 2021 collection, Petit Bateau teamed up with the Fisheye agency to produce a 100% authentic photo shoot with an innovative subject: children from all over the world, photographed by their own parents.

During the first French lockdown in March 2020, Petit Bateau faced numerous logistical constraints for its seasonal photo shoots; these obstacles just fueled their determination to spread joy, optimism, and authenticity in uncertain times. In this unusual context, the brand turned to Fisheye, a renowned photo agency and magazine, to reach out to photographer-parents who jumped at the chance to take pictures of the Petit Bateau spring-summer 2021 collection worn by their own children. With their little world as a backdrop, the children’s enthusiastic participation was captured with the loving gaze of their proud parents.

Takashi Nemoto

A photographer since he switched careers 10 years ago, and father of two daughters with whom he lives in Tokyo.

Nicolas Derné

A photographer who settled in Martinique with his wife and their 7-year- old son after a long sojourn through Asia, Australia and Africa.

Lois Moreno

An artist from Barcelona living in Lyon with her husband, a pastry chef, and their three children, known for her poetic approach and tender and authentic scenes.

Esi Seleirn

A native Austrian who lives in Madrid with her three boys aged 4 to 10, and who is passionate about the world of childhood and family

Eleri Kaljurand

An Estonian photographer living in Tallinn and mother of little Salme, whose attitudes and outfits she loves to immortalize.


One watchword united these photo shoots: freedom.

Freedom for the photographer- parents, who were given carte blanche to stage and take the pictures, and freedom for the kids to be comfortable and natural in intimate family settings, all over the world. This freedom unveiled a unique creative energy: the images of the spring-summer collection reveal authentic moments in life, whether baking cakes, taking naps, playing games at home or exploring the great outdoors.

“From Tokyo’s parks to the beaches of Martinique and the Lyon countryside, children move freely through the varied natural settings that surround them every day, perfect backgrounds for their fun and games.” The photographer’s lens magnifies the parent’s indulgent gaze, capturing the love between siblings and those precious moments when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. In this singular setting, more than ever, children embody the priorities that have guided Petit Bateau for more than 125 years: feeling free in their clothes and in their heads, speaking and acting with truth and authenticity. Therein lies the beauty of childhood and family.


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