The Spring Summer 2021 Collection expands the concept developed by the previous Fall Winter Collection, a reflection on women’s sensuality and its nature.

The woman that inspires the collection is a contemporary femme fatale, her instinctive and raw sensuality is an expression of her freedom, a manifestation of her confidence.

Shapes and volumes recall the late eighties/early nighties aesthetic, lines are clean and minimal, silhouettes are essential but marked by strong contrasts; maxi blazers and super short mini skirts, wide pants and mini bras, broad shouldered jackets and crop tops, extra feminine features and classic male cuts. 

Lengths and proportions keep alternating throughout the collection, creating unexpected balances. The sensuality is revealed by bold details: deep necklines, dizzying slits and open backs uncover the skin, while slim dresses and transparencies glamorously unveil the curves.

The palette combines soft earthy tones with essential black and white, enlightened by flashes of vivid red and icy yellow. The jewellery has been created by London based designer Victoria Hatcher, who works with shapes and forms inspired by Modernism. 

The collection is unpredictable just as the muse, dangerous and fierce, unafraid to show herself. She’s not defined by others, she’s defining herself through her own gaze: disruptive, daring, unruly.

Materials – Nappa leather, vernicetta superlight, patent leather superlight, polished nappa leather, nappa lizard print, leaves jacquard, fluid viscose, cupro, rib knit, compact stretch viscose.

Colours – Black, porcelain, ruby, powder dust, fresh mint, natural wood, golden peach, flint green, lemon sherbet, ivory. 


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