The UPCYCLED project comes from a reflection on the future of fashion and its sustainability: the necessity to reconsider its evolution, production processes and environmental impact, with a desire to rediscover and redefine its past.

The result is a limited edition capsule collection where every piece is unique, made by a combination of existing garments, vintage items and recovered materials deconstructed and put back together, reimagined into new shapes and volumes.

The collection is entirely handcrafted by local seamstresses in Tuscany using fabrics and leathers from our stock, revising old DROMe styles and mixing them with second-hand items, thus acquiring a new life and new meaning.

Each season will make use of different styles from the past: the debut UPCYCLED collection revolves around the concept of men’s shirts, reprocessing vintage white cotton shirts from the 70’s, 80’s and 90s, whose parts are dismantled and brought back together.

The collection comes with distinctive packaging: recycled plastic hangers, recycled paper tags and reusable cotton garment bags. The project is not only a journey into the archives through DROMe’s history, but a commitment to a more sustainable future of fashion.

To communicate the essence of the project Creative Director Marianna Rosati decided to shoot the collection on film: a series of different women of different ages, standing fiercely on a beachside water’s edge, wearing only white plain shirts, with bare feet.

They embody their memories, their past, their authenticity. Unique just as the clothes they’re wearing, beautiful because they’re real, unfiltered. A celebration of women and their strength, the courage to embrace their nature, to stand next to each other. Their individuality comes to light, it emerges to the surface and narrates a story.


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