DROMe presents RESORT 2022 collection

DROMe presents RESORT 2022 collection

A burst of energy, a kaleidoscope of colours: the DROMe Resort 2022 Collection was born out of the urge to start again after the tough times we’ve all been through. A wake up call of bright tones, fluid shapes and a forceful attitude. 

Inspired by the powerful women that led pop music in the late 90’s/early 00’s, particularly Madonna and her video for the song Ray of Light, an ode to freedom at full light speed, a joyful expression of life and its vital force. This collection embodies that same rebirth spirit, passionate and fierce. 

The choice of colours convey this desire for positivity, warmth and brightness: a flaming Juicy Orange, a lunar Magnolia yellow, an acid Pistache green, a luminous Apple green, a light but intense Lavender, are mixed with strong natural tones that highlight them, such as White, Purple Ebony and Dark Caramel. 

The collection portrays a confident dynamic woman, who owns her sensuality and who’s not afraid to declare it, transform it, reaffirm it. As for each DROMe collection, the combination of feminine and masculine details determine strong contrasts: shorts, mini skirts and dresses, cropped tops and provocative cuts are paired with tailored minimalistic shapes, and more structured blazers and coats. 

With this collection DROMe presents their first signature accessory, the David Bag, a flat leather bag with clean essential lines and a thin handle, available in three variations: a squared shopper, a rectangular baguette, and a mini crossbody bag. 

The name is a tribute to David Bowie, one of the main iconic inspirations for DROMe since the very beginning, who represents its inner duality and fluidity, the crossroad between masculine and feminine. That’s why the David Bag is a genderless bag, that can be worn by anyone. 


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