DROMe fall winter 2021/2022

DROMe fall winter 2021/2022

A polished room, a tv screen, two women, three black fishes sinuously swimming in a bowl. An in-timate space out of time and place, the hints of a song, a dreamlike atmosphere. What looked clear at the beginning starts to fade out and lose its certainty as the film unravels, their identities merge into each other and their perspectives overlap. Inspired by the sensual, disturbing magic of David Lynch’s cult movie Lost Highway, the film’s aim is not to disclose the mystery, to resolve the doubts, but rather to embrace them. Who’s the viewer and who’s the performer?

Each DROMe collection is determined by the contrasts that it outlines: shapes, volumes, cuts, co-lours, inspiration. DROMe has always been grounded in the tension between opposites, which is why this season Creative Director Marianna Rosati decided to take this polarity further, as a reflec-tion on the essential dualism that lies in the identity of a person. 

One of the starting points is the 1985 book Doppelganger by Stephen Willats, where the daytime appearance and personality of three average people are juxtaposed against their night-time roles, showing how they transform themselves into other persons, not only in terms of dress, but emotio-nally and psychologically, as if they had two coexisting identities. The book’s intention is to show how each of them are, in effect, two different people at the same time. It’s about the multiple per-sonalities that constitute the identity, the different person we decide to embody, depending on the circumstances, the times or even just what we decide to show and what not. We are collectors of personalities, we can be someone and its opposite. 

The Collection is built around this duality, it outlines a daily uniform that morphs into its nocturnal guise, hiding a sense of subtle and daring sensuality right beneath the surface. Cuts and silhouet-tes are an expression of this intrinsic contrast: oversized volumes are balanced by cropped cuts, different lengths are layered together in unexpected combinations, redefining the proportions. The looks swing between a strong black and an icy white, with only a few concessions to other colours: a cold grey that redesigns the contemporary office suit, a loud green that lights up the looks se-quence as a sudden flare, a soft touch of warm peach, and a crimson red that adds a provocative side to the palette. 

Male shapes as blazer jackets and straight pants are paired with feminine skirts and dresses, long trenches and coats create the impression of mysterious coverings, sensual slits and mini belts co-vered in studs mark the silhouettes. Each look is implying an untold story, an enigmatic truth: every piece is an expression of a different self. The collection seems to suggest that the constant shift from one personality to another is not to be feared, but instead trusted. 

The Fall Winter 21/22 Collection is above all an invitation to give up not only definitions, but even more the essential need to define ourselves. The audacity to accept our contradictions, the con-trasts of our soul, is ultimately what sets us free. 


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