The DROMe ADV campaign for Fall Winter 2019-20 was shot in New York by photographer Danielle Neu, together with creative director Marianna Rosati, art director Jamie Reid and stylist Emma Wyman.

The images maintain the same unfiltered approach from the previous campaign, but with a different feel: a woman is at the centre of an empty scene, an intimate atmosphere where lights and shadows are the only elements that interact with her, marking the plasticity of her movements. A minimal and essential scenery, where colours emerge brightly from some images, while black and white redraw shapes and volumes in others.

The concept recalls one of the main inspirations of the collection, the sculpted muses of the Rumanian artist Constantine Brancusi, enigmatic and uncatchable figures. In the same way the protagonist of Marianna Rosati’s vision finds her own personal balance between strength and fragility, uneven and imperfect such as the wrinkled surface of the leather she is wearing.

The campaign was shot using film to emphasise the texture of the images, conferring a dreamy ambience and a cinematic aesthetic to the shots. The face of the campaign is well-known model Querelle Jensen, who represents an unconventional idea of beauty and femininity, a confident woman with strong features that perfectly embodies the DROMe world.