Voile Blanche presents their new campaign for the coming summer season, inspired by real people, without setting personal, aesthetic or cultural limits, and respecting their unique styles and habits. Each is their own person with a distinct personality, ready to talk about their everyday private lives.

The aim of the brand is to identify and dress those who want to be original, creative and are attentive to design, manufacturing and innovative materials, without ever falling into the ordinary found in mass-produced goods. People with talent who understand that style is not found through excess but rather in the detail, in the comfort of a shoe designed and made to accompany them through every moment of their day. A combination of sporty details and modern lines, which alternate between different yet complementary styles that arise from a taste for casual-wear and sartorial experience.

The “Voile Blanche People” campaign is a long-term storyline with contemporary appeal, and continues the journey started several years ago by the brand; its aim is to share the everyday lives of the people who wear Voile Blanche and create a community of people from different worlds and backgrounds.

The project views brand enthusiasts as ambassadors, people who follow their interests and live every day to achieve their dreams through versatility, eclecticism and style choices.

All with an authentic personality and a special story to tell.

The aim is to portray people in the most natural way possible, photographing them in environments that explain who they are and their everyday lifestyle.

There is the urban designer who prefers minimalism, the singer-presenter and the graphic designer who specialises in type design, the master perfumer who moves between the shelves of an eighteenth-century pharmacy and the young actor from Turin: for each of them Voile Blanche has become a part of their life, an authentic part of their story and their way of life, with taste and personality.



Derek is an Italian urban garden designer. He loves to travel, design and watch how his projects take form. After his degree in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano, he moved to Australia to further his studies, specialising in urban design. Technical knowledge, experience on building sites, family tradition and an added touch of art are the main ingredients of his work. For Derek, style is the essence of two words: cleanliness and linearity.


Marta Bernstein, graphic artist and type designer, lives and works between Seattle and Milan. Marta holds a degree in communication design from the Politecnico di Milano and studied for her master’s degree in type design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL). Typography and characters are her passion and the common denominator in many of her projects. She has a weakness for the decorative characters of the 18th century, her subject of research for several years. Marta recognises the style in the quality and knowing how to choose.


He moves among the wooden shelves of an 18th century pharmacy, wearing white gloves and gently handling small ampoules containing some of the rarest raw materials in the world. He learned the secrets of his profession on the island of Cyprus. Soon after, his creations ended up on the shelves of Harrods and in the collections of renowned stylists, and at 47 years of age, Sileno Cheloni could not care less about his title of Master perfumer. For Sileno, style is the way in which to wear a suit unseen.


Vittoria, 23, is a singer and radio presenter who split her time growing up between Monza and the south of Germany. As a young girl, her passion for music led to her participation in a variety of school activities including opera, theatre, dance and several music competitions. She studied at the music academy, Music, Arts and Shows (MAS) in Milan. Vittoria wears Voile Blanche to bring personality to each day!


Matteo Anselmi, 27, is an actor from Turin. He trained at the Teatro Nuovo in the provincial capital Turin, and at the Teatro Stabile in the Veneto. His CV lists multiple workshops. He won a national competition for young actors, presented by the Fondazione Gabrielle Accomazzo for the Theatre, with his performance of a dramatic monologue from “Agamemnon” by Vittorio Alfieri. Matteo tells us he was introduced to art in the middle of a particular period of his life.

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