VEJA presents MARLIN

VEJA presents MARLIN

Today, the materials employed to manufacture running shoes are 99% plastic, especially a polymer that is 99% petroleum based. Our society’s dependence on plastic and oil is an ecological disaster. From drilling petroleum to plastic waste flowing into the sea, why aren’t we looking at how we can reduce our dependence on both?

After 4 years of Research & Development, VEJA launched its first ecological running shoe.

The Condor was born in 2019 as the first post-petroleum running shoe. This season we extend, sharpen and improve our line to meet the needs of the runners’ community thanks to their feedbacks. We worked along with the same team who conceived the Condor to offer two different styles technically improved with the same materials.

For SS21, VEJA is launching the Marlin. The Marlin was designed to unite and balancealong with the Condor 2 to complete the needsand expectations from the runners’ community. Named after one of the fastest and most athletic fishes in the ocean, the Marlin comes in just after 18 months of conceiving the Condor. The Marlin is designed for those days when you have performance in mind. Light and dynamic yet comfortable for everyday users. The Marlin is about perpetual improvement in mind.


6mm lower drop for a natural stride

L-Foam forefoot insert gives 80% energy return

Multidirectional flex grooves to enhance footwork



L-Foam heel insert absorbs shocks

Bootie tongue construction for a snug fit

Knit upper thin, soft, and breathable

Full ground contact for stability



Single-layer knit upper

Minimalistic construction of knitting and Pebax

VEJA running outsoles are made of 30 to 32% of Amazonian rubber. Rubber tappers are fairly paid. Using rubber from the Amazonian rainforest increases the economic value of the forest and helps fight against deforestation.

From 2004 till the end of 2019, VEJA bought around 450 tons of Amazonian rubber.

Developed from natural rubber, the L-Foam is a latex cushion providing high shock absorption capacity. Long term resiliency as it maintains its qualities throughout the life of the shoe. Non-heat-sensitive: reliable performance through seasons, it gives 80% energy return.

Pebax is one of the most high end material for performance footwear, and is used in many elite and record breaking products. We use a special version, totally plant based. Pebax is both light and strong, providing great support where it is most needed without extra weight.

The Marlin sets the focus on performance.

The minimalist construction and sharp midsole geometry provide fast sensations and comfort in a durable package, ideal on the way to your next goals.


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