VEJA x Lemaire

 The VEJA project creates a positive chain from the producer to the customer. Sneakers are made differently. VEJA is using organic, agroecological and fairtrade cotton to make the sneakers canvas. Wild rubber from the Amazonian forest for its soles and recycled plastic bottles to create a technical mesh. VEJA is about minimalism and innovation. Made in Brazil.

 French ready-to-wear designer having taken the heads of artistic direction at Saint Laurent, Lacoste, Hermès, Uniqlo (and many others), Christophe Lemaire revives his eponym house in 2014, with Sarah-Linh Tran. Imagined as a collective and independent project, Lemaire unveils a wardrobe with contemporary lines thought for an everyday use. Always very attentive to the details, the house adapts its singular clothes to Parisian cosmopolitan influences of yesterday and today.

 The genesis of this collaboration: a meeting between Christophe Lemaire and Sébastien Kopp, one of the two co-founders of VEJA. Sitting next to each other at a Greenpeace dinner, they decided to create a sneaker, bringing together the two teams from LEMAIRE & VEJA studios to work on the project.

 The first idea, a sneaker without laces that shapes into a 3D-knitted recycled plastic aquashoe.

 The second one, a more vintage model inspired by an Italian army shoe.

 This collaboration reunites the cool of VEJA and the sober requirement of LEMAIRE.