Loro Piana Fall Winter 2022-2023 Holiday Collection

Loro Piana Fall Winter 2022-2023 Holiday Collection

Mountain feelings with a leisure spirit: the Loro Piana Holiday Collection is charged with an en plein air vitality suited for the great outdoors, for moments of personal enjoyment in contact with the elements, either in altitude or in town. It expands the sportive and active posture that is integral to the Loro Piana mindset into a whole way of being and dressing.

The collection is soft and enveloping, with an accent on texture, a natural palette and a luxurious take on dressing for the snow, with shearling and cashmere as the main protagonists, and white denim trousers as a leisurely signature. It consists of outerwear, knitwear and separates meant to be enjoyed as singular items or mixed to get an even warmer feel.

The women’s wardrobe includes technical jackets and vests, shearling or Cashfur blousons and long coats. Knitted ponchos, jacquard jumpers, turtlenecks, dynamic crewneck sweaters and hooded scarves, worn with cotton pants or wool leggings, are the other main ingredients. The same feel carries over in the menswear, in a mix of wool Icer jackets, cashmere blousons, sweater overshirts in cashmere and shearling, knitted bombers and textured hi-neck pullovers, worn with cotton denim pants. Accessories are shearling boots, calfskin and Cashfur snow boots, white-soled mountain boots, Baby Cashmere and calfskin men’s snow boots. The Sesia Tote and the Extra Pocket Bags get a mountain makeover, and are offered in Cashfur, while the Sesia Happy Day is presented in cashstorm with contrasted color supple leather.

The color palette mixes cold notes of Baby Blue, Snow and Berry Blue with warm tones of Kasha, Marzipan White, Melba Cream, Fancy Cappuccino and White. Melange hues of Gray are accented with sudden pops of Red. The outdoorsy spirit informs the choice of warm and enveloping textures: Coarsehair cashmere, cashmere, cashmere and silk, Baby Cashmere, Cashfur and shearling.

Being out in the elements is affirmed as a style, and a way of living.


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