Three years after their first collaboration, Deyrolle and Petit Bateau join forces again with a capsule collection that shares the wonders of living things with all generations. After highlighting endangered species that need protection in 2017, the two French companies have chosen to focus on an ecosystem dear to them both: the enchanting, mysterious, familiar, yet little-known forest.


No need to look far to appreciate and marvel at the richness, beauty and fragility of Nature. Deyrolle had this in mind when they suggested exploring an ecosystem in the collection – its fauna and flora, from tiny to giant – and Petit Bateau enthusiastically agreed, proposing the forests of the Northern Hemisphere for this new collaboration. Designed like an ecosystem, the collection prompts an organic understanding of the concept, in which animals and plants cohabit and balance must be preserved. A theme that resonates powerfully with Deyrolle and their historical commitment to deep reflection on the relationship between humans and nature. 2020 marks their fifth year as organizer of the Forest and Wood Festival at the Domaine de La Bourdaisière. To stimulate and nourish wonder and curiosity, each item of clothing is accompanied by a card or explanatory booklet designed by Deyrolle, full of fascinating information.


For this collaboration, Deyrolle and Petit Bateau feature the forest – plants as well as animals, from birds to mammals – and approach the subject from a variety of perspectives, from individual leaves to entire trees. Petit Bateau celebrates this diversity of living forms in its signature style by mixing decoration techniques. From silkscreen prints to patches and embroidery, the animals and plants on Deyrolle’s educational posters come to life on Petit Bateau’s iconic fabrics: 1×1 rib, fleece, quilted tubic and, of course, striped jersey.


These two companies born in the 19th century (Deyrolle was founded in 1831, Petit Bateau in 1893) did not meet by chance. Both sustained their savoir-faire through the years and became true world-famous institutions. Today, these two actors express their commitment in a future-oriented collaboration that honors their values and their pride in passing them on. For Deyrolle, whose three founding pillars are Nature, Art and Education, the goal is to stimulate reflections on ecology; to hand down knowledge through images; to reveal the richness of the forest ecosystem; and to draw the public’s attention to the commitments that everyone, individuals and companies, can make at their own level to preserve the planet. For Petit Bateau, this collaboration is especially meaningful as it strengthens its commitment to the planet each year, particularly with the strategic choice of organic cotton which is planned to replace conventional cotton in all collections within five years.


Since 1831, Deyrolle has remained faithful to its educational vocation. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle, who was passionate about the natural sciences, the company developed a growing business based on insect collections and natural sciences equipment; published books on fauna and flora; distributed school materials; and created many educational aids, including the famous illustrated poster boards, a true “visual instruction” cherished by Emile Deyrolle, the founder’s grandson. From the 19th through the 20th century, Deyrolle shared its knowledge with nearly 120 countries around the world! The company, based since 1888 at 46 rue du Bac in Paris, is also the last cabinet of curiosities open to all, a unique institution that welcomes the general public, collectors and artists from all over the world in search of inspiration, wonder and knowledge. Louis Albert de Broglie, owner of Deyrolle since 2001, gave it a new impetus. “After educating as many people as possible about the earth, we must now explain how to preserve it.” This is Deyrolle’s new mission; an official education partner of COP21, the publisher now focuses on creating new educational posters on contemporary environmental and societal issues.


Standing by future generations since 1893: Petit Bateau’s raison d’être carries with it its share of responsibilities. The responsibility to create thoughtfully designed clothes, made to last and be passed on. The obligation to help protect the planet and those who cultivate it, a goal to which Petit Bateau does not commit itself lightly. 100% of the Newborn collection 2020 is made of organic cotton, and the entire collection will follow suit by 2025. Behind this objective lies a long-term effort and a true challenge, reconciling concern for the environment and Petit Bateau’s stringent quality standards. Respectful of each individual, the brand employs nearly 3,000 people worldwide today, including 1,500 in France, making it one of the leading employers in the French textile industry. For more than 30 years, Petit Bateau has been part of the Groupe Rocher, a unique company: authentic, independent and family-owned. In 2019, Groupe Rocher became the first international enterprise to adopt the status “company with a mission” according to French law. The group shares Petit Bateau’s commitment and values of quality, high standards, respect and passion.


Baby, kids and adult collection available starting october 26th, from the Petit Bateau e-shops, in selected stores worldwide and the Deyrolle shop, rue du Bac in Paris.

From 19,90€ for 3 children’s undergarments, 25,90€ for 3 baby bodysuits, 125€ for the women’s dress.


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