Contest: reinvent the Marinieère with PETIT BATEAU

Remember? Last January, Petit Bateau launched its second major co-design contest. After celebrating 100 years of the panty in 2018, fans of the marinière had their turn to design the striped top of their dreams! The three winners were selected in February and their designs are finally in stores! A look back at a beautiful story.

Internet users from eight countries (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Japan) were invited to paint on the iconic marinière, dipping their virtual brushes in seven colors from the season’s vast palette. The most difficult task: choosing three winners from among the 2,500 submissions, each more inspired than the last! Internet users in each country selected their 20 favorites (except in France, where they were able to select 50 designs). Then the Petit Bateau jury made its choice.

The three winners:

Irene, an illustrator of children’s stories in England, won the jury over with her mischievous little dog for the baby marinière.

Elodie, a visual arts teacher in Belgium, sprinkled the marinière with a burst of multicolored confetti.

Finally Bernard, an IT manager, moved the lines so a (little) boat has more room to navigate…

These three amateur designers each won a prize of 3000 €, plus 1000 € in Petit Bateau gift certificates. But that’s not all! All three of them went to Marrakech. Not for a vacation in the sun (well, not just for that), but to witness the birth of their marinières… live. The destination was Petit Bateau’s second most historic factory after Troyes, founded in Morocco 30 years ago. There, the yarn is knitted, the fabric dyed and decorated, and the clothes sewn with the same love and strongent quality standards as in Troyes.

Our three winners were able to discover this invaluable savoir-faire for themselves: after their factory visit they tried a few manufacturing operations, such as cutting the knit fabric and silkscreening… a true co-design process from start to finish! Discover the experience yourself in video thanks to the little Marcel, our little reporter-in-training. After inviting the public to follow each step of this contest, he also accompanied our winners on their visit to our Moroccan factory for an extra lesson in Petit Bateau’s expertise.

These three marinières will be available alongside the five designed by international influencers chosen for their creativity and generosity: @jesussauvage from France, @elenasalmistraro from Italy, @kaerusensei from Japan, @freddieharrel from the United Kingdom and @pressliz from Germany.

Eight collectible pieces, for sale right now!