Seafarer and DROMe were destined to meet.

The first is a jeans icon, founded in Brooklyn in 1900 as a supplier for the US Navy, worn by celebrities from the past such as Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Ursula Andress and Jacqueline Bisset and by modern day icons, Jessica Alba Julia Roberts, Carine Roitfeld and Ines de la Fressange.

The other changed the perception of leather clothing, working to find forms and techniques to reinvent this material, treating it as a fabric and very quickly winning over the hearts of the press and its customers.

Together DROMe for Seafarer present a pair of stretch leather trousers reminiscent of the past with modern touches, capable of interpreting the world of contemporary luxury. The model chosen is the iconic Penelope jeans with its unmistakable front pockets, Seafarer’s best-seller from its collections since the re-launch of the company in 2013, available for this project in five shades of suede, very DROMe.

Angela Biani and Chicco Barina, artistic directors of Seafarer, with Marianna Rosati, the designer of the DROMe collections, have worked together on their love of details, on the choice of colour shades, the cut and the hand-made manufacture, creating an innovative, well-known product that combines Made in Italy tradition with an international appeal.

“The collaboration with Seafarer came about naturally,” said Marianna Rosati, “two brands with a strong identity merging to create a unique, must-have product. Trousers for cosmopolitan customers, looking for a unique accessory which can be worn in all seasons and remain timeless”

Her remarks were echoed by Angela Biani and Chicco Barina: “We have wanted to enrich the Seafarer collection with leather garments for ages. The idea evoked a vaguely 70s mood in us, so in the brand’s style. But it was only the encounter with DROMe that made this operation feasible and really credible. We are very proud of it”

DROMe for Seafarer will be on sale at the price of EUR 995.00, starting from July, in selected stores worldwide.

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