Loro Piana Interiors presents ‘A Portrait of Comfort’ by Raphael Navot

Loro Piana Interiors presents ‘A Portrait of Comfort’ by Raphael Navot

Loro Piana Interiors debuts at Milan Design Week presenting new furniture designed by Raphael Navot through an installation at the splendid space of Cortile della Seta, in Via della Moscova 33. A landscape of soft, undulating dunes, the beauty of cashmere’s homelands, in which the objects are hidden and revealed simultaneously.

The conversation between Raphael Navot and Loro Piana Interiors began three years ago, adopting the shared language of comfort, timelessness and contemporaneity through the principles of craftsmanship, softness, intimacy and conviviality, purity and beauty. The first result of this dialogue was The Palm Duet Chaise Longue launched in 2021: a sinuous object that completely relies on the sense of touch, thanks to the use of Cashfur fabric by Loro Piana Interiors. The Palm Duet is also an ode to intimacy, designed to enjoy the pleasure of “me moments”, but with a generous armrest where a second person can sit and partake in same instants.

The distinctive elements of The Palm Duet recur in the new objects – sofa, méridienne, armchair, stools, a side and a coffee table and an ottoman to go with the Palm Duet Chaise Longue – sharing the same sinuous, soft lines and timeless contemporary attitude. Each of these designs is meant either to stand alone, with its own elegant personality, or to group together in joyful interactions dedicated to conviviality, intimacy and conversation. They all belong to the same family and have the common name: “Palm”, as in the palm of a hand with fingers slightly closed to welcome, protect, repair.

In Navot’s mind, all the pieces – or “beings” as he often calls them, emphasising their “human” component – have been designed with a futuristic approach, without indulging in the cold hyper-technological vision of the future, but rather looking at the future as it was looked at in the past: as the place of possibility. This is “natural future”, Navot’s design mantra, which also guided him in the realization of this project.

All “Palm” objects retain the warmth of craftsmanship in its fullest extent, while the sinuous lines interact perfectly with the fabrics chosen to cover them. All natural, all made from the noblest fibres.

The installation created for Milan Design Week is inspired by the sinuous lines of the “Palm” creations. Gigantic dunes covered by a soft carpet take visitors on an immersive journey through which they can discover Navot’s creatures, either standing on the dunes like watchful guardians of the landscape, or sheltering in the “caves” beneath them, where the items are presented in small groups. They can be reached and experienced, creating natural interactions between the guests, who are invited to make their own personal and spontaneous connections with the “Palm” objects, as Navot always suggests.


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