PERSOL for the sun. Not only.

Ever since Giuseppe Ratti created the first pair of Persol glasses in 1917, the brand has been synonymous with Italian design and quality, and loved for its extraordinary blend of functionality & aesthetics. In Italian, the name Persol means “for the sun”, referencing the very function for which they were invented.

In the 2019 campaign, the sun’s constant presence also symbolises an attitude to life. In a contemporary reframing of the traditional Italian attitude to life, Persol presents five scenarios capturing simple pleasures – lived with exceptional style. That “yes” feeling sipping a well-crafted coffee; a long alfresco lunch with friends; that moment on the road, completely in the now; a long, languid afternoon; a night of all-consuming fun.

Innovative sun protection – yes. Optical performance – absolutely. Timeless style – always. But Persol is also about an authentic way of being, where everyday moments can become remarkable. Beauty is a way of life, and every minute is there for the taking.


A journey can bring you closer to yourself. In the moment, body and mind, moving with ease through space and time. Precision engineering plus human intuition brings extraordinary possibilities… the destination is not important. It’s the details that count. The thrill of the open road in the mid-day sun is beautifully ephemeral, purely for now: the greatest freedom is to be who you are.


Breaks are too few and far between to be anything but everything.Savour the occasion, sit back in the morning light and appreciate the ritual of a perfect coffee. Something this good requires skill, passion and attention to detail. But all you have to do is enjoy. There’s a reason Italians don’t do “take aways”. Savour the time to catch up on life. Reconnect with a friend, just for a while.


Time stands still in these long afternoons. No interruptions. Noscreens. No deadlines. That thing you needed to do can wait. Tune in to the rhythm of your own breath. Let go, re-set and contemplate. Observe the perfect design of a blade of grass, a shaft of sunshine, the warmth on your skin. Share the company of friends who instinctively get it: these small pleasures matter more than anything.


You don’t care what people think and they love you for it. Youunderstand inhibitions only get in the way. Some nights are purely for celebrating the joy of now. Getting lost in the long shadows and the music. New perspectives and chance encounters. Stolen instants and spontaneous moments. After all who knows if tomorrow will come?


A real lunch is about more than just eating. Time spent with friendsor family around a table is like the seasoning of life. Being together and sharing the pleasure of food, stories and ideas in the heat of the day. The food’s made with love and looks too good to eat. Now to feast and raise a toast to the beauty of all this.