VEJA unleashes its first store worldwide

VEJA unleashes its first store worldwide

After 15 years of existence, VEJA is opening its first store in the heart of Paris. Entirely dedicated to reuniting its whole collection under the same roof in Le Marais.

Since 2005, VEJA is deconstructing the production chain from A to Z, changing every step of the way. From more ecological raw materials to the people in charge of sending the sneakers, VEJA is proving that working freely and differently is possible.

The brand has grown internationally at a constant speed since the beginning and is now sold in the finest selective stores around the world. The main market of VEJA is now the US and the UK, representing around 40% of its sales.The range of the collection grew step by step, following this expansion. Equally along with the strong online presence of the brand, it was time for VEJA to launch its first physical space and create a destination store in the center of Paris.

This new setting extends over 80 sqm with a clean and minimalistic interior, where the main idea lies in stripping down existing layers and elements, adding only the essential furniture, masterminded by Paris-based architecture agency ciguë.

The mix of ciguë’s Japanese-like approach with VEJA’s more electrical way of working creates a balanced, humble and dynamic space. In line with VEJA’s way of making a sneaker, ciguë revisited the materials and processes used to build the space. The cigüe team created a new materialdeveloped in-house, made from plaster and recycled paper.The pressed paper panels are used throughout the store as a backdrop to enhance the sneakers.

Both teams gathered ideas to create an ecological store,by reducing the use of paints and artificial decorations, cigüe left the shell rough and raw, in its initial state, revealing its history.

Back in 2008, VEJA switched from EDF to ENERCOOP,adhering to renewable sources of energy for the mainheadquarters and for the different stores. ENERCOOPis a French green electric cooperative, who pledges toinsert renewable energy in the grid, matching its consumer’s consumption.

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